Become an Author

As an author, you can sell your work on our platform. We offer the best commissions to all our authors.

Always 75% commission, from your first sale!

Our 25% is for marketing, payment gateway fees, customer support and keeping the platform running.
Sound like a fair deal, right?

Female freelancer creating a WordPress theme on dual monitor setup

What you get as an author

Recurring revenue

Don't update and support your items without getting paid! All items are sold with 1 year of support and updates.

Payments & EU VAT

We handle all payments, offers a wide range of credit cards as payment method, and handle all the EU VAT.


We do marketing for our authors items, and our marketplace. Paid PPC, display ads, social media and heavily SEO is our focus.

Build your brand

Its totally fine to link to your own website, Instagram or other social media. We are not trying to own your business.

The best commission

All our authors get the best commission. And it is the best commission on the market, go ahead and compare for yourself. 🙂

Application form

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Your business organization or registration number

How it works

Step 1

Fill in the application form below.

Step 2

When approved, you upload the items you want to sell.

Step 3

Your theme, Elementor kit or plugin is now available to buy on the marketplace.

Step 4

When you reach earnings of $400, you will the coming month get a payout to your bank account.


Authors earn 75% of what the end customer pays. No hidden item fees nor transaction fees.

No other marketplace is giving the authors as much money as we. Simple as that.

You need to have a registered business to sell with us.

And of course you have to design and develop awesome WordPress assets our customers want to buy.

We send the commissions directly to your via bank wire.

The threshold for us to initiate a payment is $400. When you have reached the threshold you will receive a payment the coming month.

Nope, all our authors earns the maximum amount even if they sell there work on other marketplaces.