9 Carousel Plugins for WordPress

Whether you want to display your best images, present customer testimonials, or show off various types of images and media on your website, there are various carousel plugins for WordPress that can perfectly work for you! Well, that’s because they’re stylish, interactive, and will show your web content in a very engaging way.

Images are very powerful, no doubt about that. As a website owner, you can use images to grab the attention of your website’s visitors. This is because images are more powerful than words and can be used to show, which is more important than to tell. But even with that, it’s essential to keep in mind that the way you display images on your website matters a lot. While there are various ways to display images on your website, presenting these images through slideshows is arguably the best way!

Unlike displaying static images on your website, displaying these images through slideshows is more lively, dynamic, and attractive. WordPress is well aware of this and that’s why it offers a plethora of slideshow plugins to choose from. Also known as carousel plugins, most of these slideshow plugins are free but there are also premium ones. 

Adding the best carousel plugins for WordPress can make your website more appealing and attractive to users. Such plugins should be very functional and beneficial to your website. In this guide, we’ll discuss the 9 best carousel plugins for WordPress while highlighting their overall qualities, ease of use, and other features. But before that, let’s first look at what a carousel plugin is.

What is a Carousel Plugin for WordPress?

Carousel plugins for WordPress are touch-enabled plugins for WordPress that allow users to create stylish and responsive image sliders for their websites. Most of them automatically change after a few seconds when users click on the slides. Most of these plugins also allow you to add some elements such as buttons and effects.

The Best 9 Carousel Plugins for WordPress 

After thorough research, analysis, and comparison, here’s our list of the best carousel plugins for WordPress.

Slider Revolution

With endless user reviews and thousands of sales, it’s easy to see why Slider Revolution is among the most popular carousel plugins. Its standout features include its charming visual elements and appealing themes that are designed to make your sliders look like they’ve been done by a professional graphic designer.

Although it includes every element of a good slider plugin such as responsiveness, customizability, and various design options, its ease of use is wanting. This is because it’s primarily built for web developers, so it may be a learning curve if you’re a beginner. This, however, doesn’t mean that beginners shouldn’t try it out, it could work out for you. 

A great choice for web developers, Slider Revolution is affordable if you have multiple sites. It’s a superb option if you want to speed up the design process thanks to its elegant templates and media libraries, which make everything appear very professional. 

Meta Slider

If you want an SEO-optimized slideshow plugin that is ideal for better search engine results, Meta Slider is the ideal option. This plugin is not only easy to use but it’s also lightweight, which makes it an excellent option for both beginners and experienced web developers. 

Its best features include drag-and-drop reordering and intelligent image cropping, which makes it a lot easier to set up a slideshow. The fact that it offers a free version with a clean and intuitive interface makes it very popular. 

It’s also very flexible in the sense that it offers four different types of slideshows including coin slider (4 transition effects), responsive slider (lightweight and responsive), Nivo Slider (16 transition effects and highly responsive), and Flex Slider 2 (2 transition effects and highly responsive).

This is a carousel plugin that offers you unrestricted support for any type of image slide with the main intention of ensuring that your image SEO ranks high up in search engines. 

Smart Slider 3

Arguably the most effective and interactive carousel plugin for WordPress, Smart Slider 3 brings forth numerous benefits that you’ll be proud of. In addition to working with any WordPress theme, this plugin is SEO optimized, fully responsive, and makes it possible to include gorgeous images on your website without any coding knowledge. 

This plugin should be top of your list if you want a plugin that’s easy to use as it enables you to quickly and efficiently create slides and build what you want. It also allows you to drop layers after each other while structuring them with columns and rows. 

More importantly, this plugin comes with a live slide editor that you can use to control various elements of your slides. This is an ultimately mobile-friendly and responsive plugin that has very important features such as customizable controls, page builder support, and a slide library that makes it easy to use. 


A very famous yet powerful carousel plugin for WordPress, this plugin offers very excellent features. Besides the drag-and-drop feature, it offers a unique photo carousel feature that turns pictures in your slider as users click through them.

This plugin is designed with more than 90 configurable hooks and filters. This is to allow you to create different forms of sliders. It’s also SEO-optimized, lightweight, responsive, and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. 

The premium version of this plugin is also integrated with various social media platforms including Pinterest, Instagram, and WooCommerce. It also gives you the option of preventing users from downloading your images by disabling the right-click context menu.

Master Slider

This is, without a doubt, one of the best carousel plugins for WordPress. It’s a very responsive and easy-to-use plugin that’s ideal if you’ve been looking for a plugin that makes it a lot easier to add professional images and video sliders to your website. 

Although its free version doesn’t offer much functionality, the premium version offers several features such as arrows, bullets, and scrollbars. This means that it’s a worthy option if you want to create an engaging and appealing experience for your web visitors as it lets users see images by simply hovering the mouse on the images.

This plugin is also ideal if you want the option of interactive transitions including mask and wave effects. It also allows you to create dynamic slider posts from various external sources including YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook. 

Royal Slider 

If you’ve been looking for a slideshow plugin for WordPress that offers features that are necessary for making a very simple slider, the Royal Slider could be ideal for you. While it also offers a few advanced options like integration with external sources such as YouTube and Flickr, this plugin takes a very practical approach to smoothly generating a clean slider with no difficulties.

This is a touch-friendly plugin that is easy to navigate not just for you but also for your web visitors. It also offers over five skins and ten templates that are packed with features that provide the simplest solutions tailored around adding images and videos to your website. This is of great importance if you do not want to peruse and sift through a long and tiring list of templates. In essence, this is a straightforward slideshow plugin that allows you to include slideshow images to your website in minutes with just a simple click of a button.

Slide Anything

Another straightforward yet efficient carousel plugin, you can use Slide Anything to create sliders that support any content from images, shortcodes, HTML, and text. The best part is that these sliders are not only easy to create but are also beautiful and very responsive. It also allows for touch-and-drag support, which is essential in enhancing the browsing experience. 

This is a plugin that supports various features and elements that make sliders great including new transition effects such as zoom in, fade, slide, zoom out, bounce, rotate, and much more. This plugin also gives you the option of specifying your breakpoints depending on different screen sizes. In other words, it’s a mobile-friendly plugin that provides smooth operation on any browser. 


The fact that TouchCarousel primarily focuses on integrating your sliders within your WordPress posts makes it slightly different from other slideshow plugins. This is a very cool idea if you want rich visuals that can be automatically updated whenever you share or post your blogs. All you have to do is write your blog post, label it with a particular post type, and then link that post to your slider. 

This plugin also gives you the option of recycling old posts if you do not want to create new ones. Its major downside has to perhaps do with the fact that it doesn’t have the drag-and-drop feature that most slideshow plugins have. But even with that, it remains a hugely popular carousel plugin thanks to its simplicity, functionality, and practicality. 

Kreatura Slide Plugin

This is an all-in-one slider creator that brings forth some of the best features such as amazing style, ease of use, and functionality. It offers multiple layout editing tools that make it easy to use even without any coding knowledge. 

This plugin offers some of the best templates in the market. It offers a unique auto-fit setting to allow you to snap into place all the slider elements. This is a plugin that allows you to change everything from images to text. You can as well go back in history and modify any element that doesn’t feel or look nice. 

In addition to its intuitive structure that mainly focuses on the creation of perfect slider visuals, this slider plugin allows you to integrate images from external sources. More importantly, it’s designed to minimize the number of tools in use without compromising on its functionality.

To this end, these are among the best carousel plugins for WordPress in the market today. You have to remember that not every slider plugin will satisfy your needs. So the best thing to do is to understand what you want, your budget, as well as the pros and cons of the slider plugin that you choose.

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