How to Reset WordPress Theme to Default

Do you need to use default WordPress Themes but you are not sure how to reset it back to its default? In this blog, we offer a step-by-step guide on how to Reset your WordPress Themes to Default Settings. 

You can change your WordPress theme at any time you want. By changing a WordPress theme, you can give the content you already have a new look without having to start from scratch. When you change themes, all of your content stays the same. You can switch without worrying about anything being deleted (and if you decide to change your opinion about the theme, you can always go back to the original theme.)

Resetting the WordPress themes to default settings necessitates that you restore the developer’s themes and delete the new settings or changes you made on your WordPress. It’s simple when you use the WordPress plugins as we have explained in this article. 

What are WordPress Themes?

A WordPress theme is a set of file systems (illustrations, template files, and script) that determine how your blog or website looks as a whole. Themes can change things as big as someone’s site’s format or as small as the color of your links. Each theme can be different, giving site owners many ways to change the way their site looks right away.

But changing themes can also happen when you uninstall the theme from WordPress. In the circumstance you choose to re-install the theme, the options are saved in the database. This is also true for most plugins for WordPress.

Resetting WordPress Themes to Default 

Even though this is usually what people want, there are times when they might want to start over. For example, when making a big change to the site but keeping the same theme.

This necessitates returning all theme settings and adjustments (including additional CSS) to their original default configuration. Unfortunately, unlike other plugins, most themes don’t offer this functionality.

Using WP Reset to Reset the WordPress Theme

You must change the database to reset the theme. Using a plugin made with safety in mind is the best way to accomplish that. Popular plugin WP Reset is used to perform a site-wide reset, but it may also reset particular elements like styles and user management.

However, it should be remembered that WP Resets helps to clear the parameters for all themes, not just the active ones. This also covers previously installed and removed themes.

Additionally, the reset feature only functions with themes that make use of the customizer, the official WordPress theme customization API. The majority of themes that are downloaded from the WP theme database are like this. WP reset won’t be able to reset a theme that stores its options differently.

Let’s now examine its application to this.

Steps to Resetting WP Themes to Default

Let’s have a step-by-step procedure on how to Reset WordPress themes back to default without necessarily losing your data. 

  1. Activate after installing the WP Reset plugin.
  1. To access the dashboard for the plugin, select Tools > WP Reset.
  1. Scroll to the bottom towards the Reset Customizer section after selecting the Options tab from the menu bar.
  1. To begin, take a picture of your choices if you want to go back in time. In case you have to restore additional CSS without reinstalling other theme options from the snapshot, save your additional CSS.
  1. To let the plugin work, press the Reset theme button to open.

It will only take a couple of seconds to finish the procedure. Once finished, load the site from the front end to make sure that the theme has been reset to its default settings.

Similarly, verify that the choices have already been restored to default under Appearance (>) then Customize and make sure the extra CSS box is empty.

How Can I Restart WordPress After Deleting A Theme?

After successfully deleting the Themes and resetting them back to the default setting, here is how you can restart your WordPress. 

  • As you perform administrative tasks, you must be logged into your WordPress dashboard.
  • On the dashboard panel, click Appearance > Themes to find a theme.
  • Once you have hovered over the theme, click Theme Details to remove it.
  • The window’s bottom right corner has a delete button where you can remove the selected item.

What Takes Place if Someone Deletes a WordPress Theme?

Functionality in a system: If a theme is deactivated but the information stored in the database was still there while it was active, the information will still be there if you decide to reactivate the theme in the future. If your theme is deleted, it’s crucial to remove all connected data.

Can a WordPress Theme be Reset?

By going to Appearance > Backdrop and selecting “choose color” from the Display Options menu, you may alter the color of your background. Once the colors have been chosen, a keyboard shortcut with the label “default” and an extended color picker will show up. Click the button to change the background color of your theme, then save your changes.

What Scenarios Can Cause You to Reset WordPress Themes to Default?

Some incidents can cause you to want to reset your WordPress to the default setting to start over freshly and more cautiously. Let’s discuss just a few reasons that can cause one to arrive at this decision. 

If You Wish to Remove Every Piece of the Content

In certain cases, restarting your site entails deleting every piece of material you’ve ever added.

You may have determined that your blogs and web pages are too narrow to meet the desires of your viewers and that you wish to start over.

Again, you don’t have to reset WordPress from scratch. You can instead remove all of your information by resetting the content you input. 

When Redesigning Your Website

You don’t need to remove anything if all you wish to do is rebuild your website. Instead, you’ll have to build or create a brand-new theme matching your revamped look, which will alter how your current content is presented. 

It could be simpler to add a new style to a current site rather than to put up a brand-new site, although if you desire to update your content:

You’ll have to be able to evaluate your new theme with your content while developing, changing, and/or testing it, all without letting site visitors know what you’re up to. Till the updated version is available, you’ll want them to view the old website.

If Your Website Has Failed or Has Been Hacked

So, your website is no longer functional. It might have been hacked because it doesn’t resemble the website you assumed you owned. Or perhaps something went wrong when you upgraded WordPress, your plugins, or themes.

Is it time to scrap the website and start over? Okay, no.

It’s better to recover your site from a backup you made before it is corrupted right away.

In the WordPress plugin dashboard, you will find a full backup of your entire website. Inside the Websites screen, pick your site, then pick Backups. Select Recover to > Active after locating a backup taken before the emergence of issues with your website.

Themes Reinstalling

Reinstalling the theme can sometimes fix problems with it, like broken or lost files. It is allowed to restore the themes without changing the settings and content if you didn’t change any core theme files or add other new files to the theme folder. 

Themify panel settings should be backed up before reinstalling the theme. Mostly on the Themify pane, select the Export tab, then click the “Export” button to save a copy of the settings.

Using the WordPress Theme Installer to Reinstall

To reinstall themes back after resetting them you can use a WordPress theme installer, let’s have a look at the procedure you employ when using a WordPress theme installer:

  • To download the most recent theme zip, sign in to My Account.
  • Sign in to your WP Admin.
  • To add a new theme, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New.
  • The most recent theme zip should be uploaded after clicking the “Upload Theme” link.

If you’re using a WordPress version earlier than 5.5, you’ll have to momentarily activate a new theme, delete it, but then reinstall it because themes can’t be erased while they’re active. Installing a Particular Theme Version Again.


To this end, we are confident that this post has shown you how to Reset WordPress Themes to Default and the reasons that can make you arrive at that decision. We’ve gone through all the steps that you need when resetting the themes. That being said, let’s know what you think about these blogs.

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