9 Map Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for WordPress map plugins? We have analyzed tens of map plugin WordPress tools to bring you some of the best plugins worth checking out. 

But before we share the WP map plugins, let’s talk about the basics. 

Do you need a WordPress mapping plugin? 

Suppose you run a physical retail shop or restaurant. If you have an online presence, you want every potential customer that comes across your site to know the direction to your location. 

Of course, the address in the footer can help them locate your business. However, that’s no longer convenient for most customers. Nowadays, prospects rely on Google maps to get to the business location they find on search engines. 

The maps can include all crucial details, thus encouraging users to contact your business, ask questions, and decide if they should visit. Besides, having a high-quality, responsive Google map on your site is good for SEO. 

WP map plugins make it easy to add maps to your WordPress pages, and customize them to your specific needs. Any business with a physical location can benefit from embedding maps on its site. 

Enough said.

Here’s an overview of 9 map plugins for WordPress.

1. WP Google Maps 

WP Google Maps is a freemium, intuitive, all-around WordPress plugin for creating a highly customized and responsive roadmap, satellite, terrain, and hybrid Google maps. 

Website builders have an unlimited number of detailed markers they can drag to whichever location they want. It’s easy to style maps with images, text, ratings, links, and galleries. 

You can set the zoom level, height, and width. Assuming you want to separate parts of your map to make it easier for visitors to identify places. This plugin features polygons and polylines to help with that. 

With WP Google Maps, you can import data from XML, JSON, CVS, and more to keep your Google maps updated. The plugin allows you to add maps to any page or section on your WP website. 

You can incorporate directional waypoints. For instance, if your blogging niche is travel-related, your map can help visitors visualize a city tour or route. 

While WP Google Maps is also available in a free version, you can only create one map. 

WP Google Maps Premium Pricing (One-time payment)

  • Pro Add-on – $39.99 for 3 site license 
  • Developer Bundle – $99.99 for 10 site license
  • Lifetime License- $199.99 for an unlimited license

2. Maps Widget for Google Maps 

Are you looking for a plugin that allows you to insert maps inside your WP theme widget areas? You cannot go wrong with Maps Widget for Google Maps. 

You create a thumbnail map. If website users click on it, the map enlarges in a lightbox. 

There are zero limitations on how many maps you can embed to your post, page, footer, header, or menus. However, the free version limits you to one marker per map. 

The plugin lets you link to Google Analytics, supports multiple language translations, and allows the export or import of data. 

What’s great, Maps Widget for Google Maps cuts out the most complex features, such as API calls. Therefore, each Google map you create will load quickly. 

Maps Widget for Google Maps Pro Pricing

  • Pro Personal – $29 
  • Pro Personal Lifetime – $39 
  • Pro Unlimited Agency- $79

3. Elementor Pro Google Maps Widget 

On our about-page, we use the Google maps feature in Elementor Pro. It works great! 

The Elementor Pro Google Maps Widget is not a standalone Google mapping plugin. However, you can achieve high-performing maps on desktop and mobile devices. 

Featuring an interactive drag-and-drop builder, embedding the maps on your website contact forms is quick and easy — even without coding knowledge. 

It enables you to populate Google maps on multipage websites. You can add your custom CSS to adjust the image style as desired. 

The Google maps plugin function in Elementor Pro lets you set the transition duration between filter settings. This is applicable when visitors hover over the Google map. 

Elementor Pro Pricing

  • Essential Plan – $49 per year for one site 
  • Expert Plan – $199 per year for 25 sites 
  • Agency Plan – $399 per year first year for 1000 sites 

4. Google Maps Easy

Most website owners love this WordPress map plugin because — even with the free version, you can still create colorful, lively, and beautiful maps. You’ll insert your visually engaging maps on your site with a shortcode or PHP code. 

The plugin offers more than 300 themes for map design and allows the creation of unlimited maps and markers that you can spread throughout your site. Maps can be customized with different layers showing traffic, transits, or bicycle routes. You can create clusters and sliders, and incorporate text, images, videos, and other media files in your descriptions. Also, you can add overlays to define regions, population densities, and more. 

Google Maps Easy Pricing 

  • Personal – $46 for 1 site 
  • Developer – $69 for 5 sites
  • Enterprise – $149 for 6 or more sites 

5. Google Maps CP

Like other previous map plugin WordPress tools we have discussed, Google Maps CP is available in free and paid versions. 

This plugin supports multiple languages and is designed for embedding Google maps into blog posts. It also allows placing maps in a WP template displaying multiple posts. 

The settings enable adding markers and displaying them corresponding to your blog post geolocation. You have tons of Google map customization options that revolve around several aspects, including zoom, height, width, alignment, margin, and map type. All these are accessible in the free version. 

You can define your Google maps with a physical address, routes, and directions between points. The tool supports marker clustering, Google map widgets on sidebars, map search, styling options, and more.

With the Developer version, you can even add contact forms to Google maps for a specific location, encouraging your visitors to give a response. 

Google Maps CP Pricing 

  • Professional – $23
  • Developer -$61

6. MapPress

MapPress may not be packed with features, but it sure gets the job done. It is a lightweight freemium map plugin to place interactive and Leaflet maps on any WP page or post. No API key is needed. 

You can embed maps in widgets and any other unique area. For this function, you can use shortcode or Gutenberg block. It is easy to edit your work, thanks to the pop-up map editor. 

The basic, professional Google map designs give clean navigation. Customize your maps with options like text, photos, images, and links. You can add Google overlays for traffic, transit, and bicycling. 

Even at the free version level, you’re allowed to create unlimited Google maps and markers and define them with addresses and point coordinates. 

But you’ll want to upgrade to MapPress Pro to upload custom markers, assign marker icons, filter locations, map widget, and more. 

MapPress Pricing

  • Regular – $39.95 for up to 3 sites
  • Developer – $79.95 for up to 25 sites 

7. Map Block for Google Maps 

This is another simple yet functional map plugin WordPress tool for integrating your maps with the Gutenberg editor. It is free. And the plugin is from the developer behind the Maps Widget for Google Maps tool. 

Like any other Gutenberg block, Map Block for Google Maps allows you to set zoom level, map height, address, and coordinates to guide your visitors. 

You can create highly responsive and user-friendly maps with custom icons, marker descriptions, and open marker tooltips. You can choose map styles (silver, night, retro, etc.). Or add your custom map style. 

Another feature worth highlighting is that — with Map Block for Google Maps — you need to add a Google Maps API key once. After saving it in one block, you can use it in all other maps you insert to your WordPress website. 

8. WP Google Map Plugin 

Don’t confuse it with WP Google Maps since the names are almost similar. WP Google Map Plugin is one of the most advanced WP plugins to add maps on posts or pages using shortcode. 

The maps are interactive, responsive, and can include brand information. Even the lite version, which is free, offers a lot of features for customization. It supports the basic setting, including zoom level, height, and width.

Users have access to over 500 colorful markers that they can filter by category. Each Google map can have multiple locations. You may also insert an info window to each location. There’s more to do with this map plugin, including enabling a transit layer and displaying real-time traffic conditions. 

The premium version spoils you with numerous customization features. We recommend comparing the two versions to see if there’s a need to upgrade. For example, you may want to upgrade if you need to import or export map locations, draw shapes, cluster markers, or use custom marker icons. 

The WP Google Map Plugin Pro costs $59.

9. Hero Maps Premium

Most developers using Hero Maps Premium are after creating fixed-size or full-screen Google maps that impressively outline regions and routes. It is full of options to create fully responsive maps. 

The plugin features a drag-and-drop builder tool, free marker bundles, map filters, color skins, and Google Fonts. It also supports marker clustering, CSV mapping location upload, animations, custom layers, custom map markers, and shape drawing options to create specific markings on your maps. 

Hero Maps Premium Pricing – $20 regular license.

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