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There are almost endless web hosts that offer hosting for your WordPress website. Almost as many ways to host your site. Over the years I have tested a lot of different web hosting companies both myself and through customers.

Choosing the right hosting for your website is a cornerstone to make it work well and so that you do not have to spend time on things that just should work.

Some key features that make WPX Hosting good:

  • Simple one-click installation
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Own CDN optimized for WordPress, the fastest hosting I’ve used
  • Competent and fast support
  • Fits agencies and people with multiple websites

WPX Hosting is suitable for those who have multiple websites. Their minimum plan includes five websites and costs $25/month. These five sites you can use for your own websites as well as sites for customers.

If you need more than five pages, the next step is 15 websites. Then the price is $50/month if you pay on monthly basis.

Install WordPress with one click

Setting up a new installation of WordPress couldn’t be easier. Fill in the domain (be sure to set the right domain immediately, more on that later), your admin panel username and password and you are up and running. It doesn’t even take a minute for your new WordPress to be installed and ready to start building on.

Pre-installed cache plugin

When installing a new WordPress site, the web host automatically installed a plugin called W3 Total Cache with the correct settings pre-configured. This makes your page load faster for visitors, you get a better user experience and it positively affects search engine optimization.

Disadvantages of WPX Hosting

Of course, nothing is perfect. There are a few things that may be good to know before deciding which web host to take to your or your website.

Cannot set multiple different MX pointers

MX pointers for subdomains are one thing I have encountered problems with at WPX Hosting. Do you want to verify a subdomain for another mail service, eg. for Mailgun’s mail servers will be difficult if you use WPX Hosting’s name servers. You solve this by using a different DNS service.

No built-in support for Git or version management

If you are a developer and change the source code for your website, you are most likely interested in having version management with Git on your website. Of course, this can be solved because you have SSH and FTP connection to the web files. But there is no built-in system to automatically retrieve changes from your repo. This feature is available at the Swedish web host Oderland which is a good alternative if Git support is a dealbreaker.

Your customers will not receive their own c-panel

Only you as the admin have access to WPX Hosting’s own built-in c-panel equivalent. So far, I have not found anything I lack in it and it is very intuitive and easy to use. But if your end customers want their own c-panel, you need another web host.

The support is excellent

I have had to contact the support at WPX Hosting on some occasions. You do this via their chat, and you get answers directly, even if it is evening time or early morning. The staff you chat with I also notice that they are well trained in WordPress and hosting issues. Most often they can help one directly but if something is taking longer, a ticket is created and you get an update via email when it is resolved.

Alternative web hosting

In Sweden we have a web host with similar focus, speed simplicity and performance. It’s named Oderland which is based in Gothenburg. However, Oderland lacks automatic installation of cache module and automatic CDN. However, Oderland suits users with more experience in servers and development as they also offer VPS.

VPS on Google Cloud / Amazon AWS instead of web hosting

An alternative to web hosting companies is to set up your own server in a cloud solution at Google, Amazon or Microsoft. In my experience, this is no more stable than outsourcing the hosting to a web host that has 24/7 monitoring and really knows about hosting.

If you are hosting your own VPS for WordPress, you need a lot of knowledge about Linux, networking, firewalls and security. I think you should have a very good reason before you set up your own server and provide maintenance, updates and the security of it.

You can find WPX Hosting at


WPX Hosting is the web host I have been most satisfied with so far. Their focus on fast loading times and simplicity in administration and set-up do it all. The fact that the site automatically gets a good cache plugin and gets linked to a CDN at installation makes me like this web host so much. The price is somewhere in the middle, but I think you get the most for the money here.

Which is your best web host to host websites with WordPress? Feel free to comment below!

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